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Participation in the tour is a contribution to the well-being of the members of the foundation. The price per person for this unique sidecar tour is:


IDR 275,000* for a tour only


IDR 385,000* for a tour including lunch and Jembe music

IDR 425,000* for a tour including lunch and wheelchair dancing


[* Prices per person as of January 1, 2024]

Chauffeurs op weg door authentieke dorpjes

Dedicated drivers are included in the price of the tour.

lunchbuffet bij de stichitng

The lunch is provided by the members of the foundation

rolstoeldans door de leden van de stichting

Optionally, wheelchair dancing can be added to the program.

De chauffeur en de rijstvelden
Discover the surroundings of Ubud
in a sidecar
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